Virus Malaylam Movie trailer Script ,Initial Release Date

Virus Malaylam Movie trailer Script:

  • It’s a zoonotic disease among WHO’s top ten priority. It can be transmitted directly from animals or between people. The most alarming fact is that there’s no vaccination, no treatment protocol. 

  • Sir, why did you fumigate the room? I did the post mortem , I have the right to know. Isn't protecting public health our primary duty? That's why we fumigated. Patients are from different localities; we need to identify the number of sources. Everybody is scared. We lack human resources. It’s not just about the wages. It's where people like us come for treatment. I am ready to do anything. 

  • A patient is infectious upto 21 days - Incubation Period. If there’s a new patient after this period, this cycle repeats. Our mission is to prevent that. We couldn’t even pay homage to Razak’s body. Now burning it will be unbearable for us. Have you been to any funerals? No! Is there anything we can do? I can’t sugarcoat it to you. 

  • How can I not tend to the sick? You both killed my child, right? It is my child who gave it to all!!! To Medical College. Not for hire. Then, why are you wearing this? I told you, No No, don’t stop! He’s got Nipah! 

Virus Initial Release Date:

  • 7 June, 2019(USA)


  • Aashiq Abu

Music Composed by:

  • Shushin Shyam

Production Company:

  • OPM Cinemas


  • Muhsin Parari


  • Rajeev Ravi, Shyju Khalid

Main Sequel:

  • A real life account of the deadly Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, and the courageous fight put on by several individuals which helped to contain the epidemic.
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