Terminator Cast Crew at Interview(CinemaCon)

Terminator 6 Dark Fate Special at Interview:

Hamilton Linda
Hamilton Linda

  • Made with terminal to change wave and thus the means and the Bank or you with 18 funds and slovakia beautiful. We wanted these are the paradigmatic critical this is also the since Tuesday in the St. This is Once not fit not class more enjoyable because we have the papers or water to reach out we were from the beginning to do here is before the time that's not a good performance from me was telling us so that we think we about an hour, the light of the world most have already recognized yes it was more of the terminator 111 arnold schwarzenegger with the cast with linda Hamilton low race with mackenzie davis and diego luna on the stage of the cinema con 2009 10 where does powder and there was also the first foodwatch presented the new terminator day falls.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

  •  I will his we begin to talk about beginning to all let's start with the first scene presented to us was the arrival of the new terminators on the good side and then so anni is the classic arrival we see a flash flash of light.

  •  This time all the plays in Mexico and japan her time immersed mackenzie davis on any cybernetic implants in the body. We have to know not whether we, the new schedule just know it behaves just like arnold schwarzenegger we see in they, I think the things cloud then a black corner we know that they have little talks and also acts so to me as if it was the new good terminator and yes to make me the know first acquaintance with more we come to the teeth 2002 is the first battle that we see and that fighting McCanns idevice against diego luna and tried doing the character of jet to protect airways and the special is at first glance seems diego luna actually like the terminator from terminator 2 the time of robert But Patrick was played on the second look suddenly has nor terminator at its last page. Where you can assume that he perhaps even multiply also but can clone just not right so worth one to one but this sheet pal comes out then makes us someone to occur. I've been you missed incredibly terminator 2 linda hamilton it back with sunglasses with protective vest and a weapon the particular cartridge- the the terminator actually shoots can be dangerous as natural making them one occurs over and cool. 
Terminator 6 Cast Crew
Terminator 6 Dark Fate Cast Crew
  • I am pleased enormous that they back is it's like you're sitting as a small child and as I want as a youthful the theme sit indefinitely the recorder is back yes that was so these teeth.I am very curious what all amounts but we're already seeing the netrace so to speak, the new channel so the new whether the new chosen is yes, then we have been coming to next scene or. 

  • So trailer cut together a small teaser where we, among others, anne schwarzenegger reunion with bar very old and of a car driving under others that's all cut very quickly so I can not remember because the more clearly remember but what I say can the ten lakes in accordance with the classical terminator villingen the classic schedule Etruscan fell also comes not only because of linda hamilton not only few arnold schwarzenegger. 

  • But because of all the environment because of the all characters so coming back this terminal a feeling on what I had most recently at the settlement day. I hope that the movie actually just as is expected of me and that he can now we can say that he really terminator 3 and that it really is a graduation which we also can be proud of and if then still a part then please come by tim james cameron but I think that we here actually a surprise shit will experience and I also believe that tim miller does a very good job and James did not come to him without reason familiar but has I think more on that I can not yet say think of the teaser or trailer is the first soon will definitely soon the movie starts at 24 October in the German cinemas.
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