NGK Tamil Movie Trailer Script & Initial Release Date(Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet | Yuvan Shankar Raja)


NGK Tamil Movie Trailer Script:

  • Stepping into politics with a meager crowd-- 
  • --doesn't mean they'll make you one of their own. 
  • Hey-- Politics is a graveyard No one has returned alive by stepping into it. 
  • We got our Independence from the Britishers and handed over to our Politicians. The others have been informed well about it. But you're an Integral cog. 
  • Stop it! Youngsters Education Ignorance -- --has tarnished our nation to dust. Starting from roots, no matter how huge the matter is That's the beauty of it! What does an Artist teach his children? 
  • Obviously, to paint! Correct! My father is a Military officer! Obviously playing with beads won't be my forte. We know what we're doing? Our perspective is entirely different. Farmers who have shed blood and sweat on this land. 
  • Workers who are driven for the development of this nation. 
  • Have every right to question, The System! Everyone is a fanatic of something in this Nation. But he's a fanatic of this NATION! Will our Party, make it this time? We will, wait for it. 

NGK Release Language:

  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Bharat Initial Release Date:

  • 31 May, 2019(INDIA)


  • Selvaraghavan


  • S.R Prabhu

Production Company:

  • Dream Warrior Pictures

Production Company:

  • Sivakumar Vijayan

Music Composed by:

  • Yuvan Shankar Raja

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