KGF Movie trailer Script ,Release Date & Box office Collection

KGF Movie trailer Script:

  • It was predetermination's demonstration Two occurrences happened that night ! Kolar gold fields was found… And he was additionally conceived! Shetty. 

  • He is the ruler of Bombay! What do you need? The world! It appears, that my blood is additionally red! You think, Bombay has a place with you father?? No, It has a place with YOUR dad! Be that as it may, your dad is... Me !!! You need to carry out a responsibility for me You need to execute a mammoth He Left. 

  • He didn't think about the way he was taking He didn't think about the goal he was coming to! Nor did he think about its colossal history If just a single ounce of blood scared you Then you should leave before the sea of blood streams Don't get passionate There is no an incentive for that here.

  • That won't influence the stone hearted!! On the off chance that you gain mental fortitude in light of the fact that a thousand people are remaining behind you, Then you can win just one war But on the off chance that a thousand people gain boldness since you are remaining before them You can vanquish the world.

KGF Initial Release Date:

  • 21 December, 2019(Canada)


  • Prashanth Neel


  • Kannada


  • 50 - 80 Crore

Box Office Collection:

  • 243 - 250 Crore


  • Bhuvan Gowda
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