Keanu Reeves Talks Filming ‘John Wick 3’ Fight Scenes, Almost Changing His Name and lot more)

Keanu Reeves(John Wick) Story:

  • The jonas brothers are the music musical guest. Two slackers travel through time on an excellent adventure in a movie that became a surprise hit and launched the career of a young actor named cayenneu reave(movies) speed, the devil's advocate, something's gotta give and the matrix movie where is he dodged bullets in slow motion. Even as that resume made him famous around the world, remain private and not drawn to the spotlight that follows him. Keanu agreed to get together to talk about his live and career. Thanks for doing this. Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to converse.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

  • When it comes to his work, he likes to be at the center of the action. In his latest film, john wick three the grieving assassin looking for revenge. Chapter 3, where do we pick up john? We saw him running out of central park for his and chapter three we slammed shut. Still on the run. Thanks in part to the innovative fight sequence. It makes sense given the stunned double. The actor's moves are all his. I'm maintaining the connection with the audience and if it's wacky, crazy stuff, oh, my god, what did i just see? Did the difference do an action than it did 20 years ago in the matrix? Absolutely. It's more about recovery. 
  • You need to be more eshs efficient and hopefully you get better than what you are doing. And chapter three, i keep calling that gun and motorcycle. Get your money's worth. The whole shebang. Reaves's story begins in beirut, lebanon where he was born in 1964 to a british mother and an american father. He moved around as a child before his family settled in toronto. I grew up in showbiz. The whole shebang. My mother is a costume designer and works for ann murray and dolly parton. True story. My mother came to her when i was like 15. She said I want to be an actor, is that okay. I said of course. I was really self motivate and improv. He soon landed a professional gig on statement and in person. Who are is your coach? When i was spent, i got in my car and drove to hollywood and they wanted to change my name. 
  • That's the one I was thinking of. My middle name is charles. Why don't we call you kc reaves? My heart. I feel wounded. And then one excellent one. The success was different than what I had before. So successful that more than three decades later it looks like we might make a movie this summer. Bill and ted is getting a third film in the franchise. Due out next year. Why did you want to come back back? I have no idea. I'm scared. Strange things it afoot at the circle k. In films like point break. I am an f the way the world reacted, i'm a part of that and the scale of that film, I had no other appreciation for it. He managed to keep a low profile. My days are pretty normal. Over the years, he earned a devoted following, dwighting fans by how norm he can be. 
  • In march after his flight meat an emergency landing, reaves jumped into action and had been working with the airline to get a ban to take him and his fellow passengers home. Even better, he won't boast or even talk about any of it. You have a reputation of being generous. There are stories about you buying harley davidsons for crews. Can you imagine, I got to work with angelica houston. He is always thinking about his next move. Including where john wick goes from her. That's the next movie. Kpapter four. 
  • We will wait for part four, but john wick chapter three hits theaters this coming friday, may 17th. Our thanks for hosting that conversation. Keanu will lend his voice to a motorcycle-riding character in the animated movie, toy story four. When he talks about the motorcycle company he runs and being out on the road alone.

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