10 Most viewed English TV Series in India

10 Most viewed English TV Series in India:

Television has come a long way in India from just the one option of do darshan to more than 300 channels of entertainment and variety. Now we are able to enjoy not just Indian entertainment content but also that from other countries as well Frank castles back. The Punisher is dead just look like the work of a dead man are you and thanks to digital platforms. We are no longer waiting for a TV series in the West to come to India today now for the top 10 as the following ranking is self-explanatory.

Most Viewed Web Series
Most Viewed Web Series


We are so over hi Ross take the Emily take the Rachel it's your chance to look back on a friendship that will last forever what is the big surprise unless. We're on a break do you agree with that list oh great.

2.The Big Bang Theory: 

We live across the hall oh no we don't live together. I mean we live together but in separate heterosexual bedrooms okay well guess I'm your new neighbor penny hmm Leonard Sheldon hi. 

3. How I Met Your Mother: 

How I Met Your Mother is wait for it the most legendary ensemble since Prince and the night vision now all right this is Ted Ted gets married in the future kids. I'm gonna tell you an incredible story of How I Met Your Mother oh these are Ted's friends and they're along for the ride till like his roommates. Marshall and Lily she is a pop-tart under your fridge Nova tips and Robin. I was a teenage pop star in Canada then there's barn Sudha flight suit up snow suit up boney has sex pyjama Barney's awesome you're wearing a tie it's a sleeping cravat dad finally gets the girl but we don't know who she is or what insane links he and his friends went to in the pursuit of said happily ever after I think we should be together what do you say.

4. Grey's Anatomy: 

The game they state an individual either has the stuff to play or they don't me then again. I'm somewhat screwed the seven years you spend here as a careful inhabitant will be the best and most exceedingly terrible of your life you will be pushed to the limit this is your beginning today.

5. Game of Thrones: 

You've come to a dangerous place I was trained to kill my enemies was I everybody knew what this place was no one told me well Lord snow here's your the least useless person here perhaps. I was wrong to distrust you he's trusting me was the wisest thing you've done since you climbed off your horse keeping the peace.

6.Modern Family:

This is the account of three families Jay and Gloria are love birds. Hello I'm Gloria Pritchett goodness this must be your father quite I'm her better half don't be tricked by the that's right allow me a second here Mitchell and Cameron unexperienced parents pleased this infant would experienced childhood in a jam-packed shelter if not for us cream puffs and you comprehend what no to every one of you who judge Oh Phil and Claire have the conventional family. I'm going to cool that I realize every one of the moves tired school music regardless of how unique they are don't stress that nothing going on here they're one major cheerful family or an excellent young lady thank you so she says don't not feel her.


A successful writer a little out of control you love the freaky ones who's a total control freak. Mr. castle is all for justice with the Investigation it's the least I can do she had sex before her death sex. I'll explain how that works later you wouldn't think they'd make a good team you stole a police horse you were nude at the time it was spring you'd be surprised.

8. Seinfeld: 

So we go in NBC we tell them we got an idea for a show about enough exactly they say what's your show about I say no but there you go. I think you may have something here have you ever seen a lame dance oh my dance it's more like a full body dry heave sit the music you're gonna be the first pirate I don't want to be a pirate what are you talking about you double dip the chip he lives in a bubble boy nothing for you so you think your sponge worthy.

9. Two and a Half Men: 

Dad wanna hear a funny joke sure why not okay there's a priest a minister or a rabbit there's a rabbi Jacob a minister and a rabbi wait you know why they call this a European health spa cuz European.

10. flash:

Your meta people have been occupied however I need your assistance to get Mardon and any other individual out there like him. I can't do it without you I have something that may help it's made of a fortified tripolymer it's warmth and grating safe consider the possibility that I'm not a saint. I don't imagine that electrical discharge struck you Barry I think it pick you since you can rouse people looking out for your city like a gatekeeper heavenly attendant having any kind of effect and glimmer it's an ideal opportunity to phony scaffold.

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