Bharat Movie trailer Script & Initial Release Date


Bharat Bollywood Movie Trailer Script:

  • At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will... 

  • This nation was born 71 years ago... A moment comes... And that's when my story started too. 
  • People think a middle class old man must have led such a boring life... How would they know... that I've led a life way more colourful... than my greying hair will tell you. 

  • In my heyday... I was a bit of a wild thing. Prime Minister Nehru passed away today... Our country was at a delicate stage... there were no jobs, and then one day we found out...

  • They've struck oil in the Middle East... So you want an oil massage? State your name and age... Bharat... Bharat what? My father named me Bharat after our country's ancient name... if some surname were to follow after 'Bharat', it would belittle this country's name as well as its stature.
  • Mr. Bharat... this is not the office where you file your nomination for elections... The job you're applying for, has no need for patriotic speeches. And then Madam-sir came into my life. My life was perfect... it had love, friends, family... but every smiling face hides a pain that no one can see. 

  • Bharat! There are bonds of blood... and bonds with your land. - You are blessed with both. - Sis! Think about the promise you made to your father... Pa! It's that pain... Pa... That keeps you going... Long Live... The motherland! Vilayati! Shut up! Nations are built by people, and people are known by the families they belong to... 

  • You belong to this entire nation, Bharat. 

Bharat Initial Release Date:

  • 5th June, 2019(USA)


  • Ali Abbas Zafar


  • 1 Billion INR

Based on:

  • Ode to My Father

Main Sequel:

  • An 8-year-old boy makes a vow to his father that he will keep his family together no matter what, a promise that he works to keep over the next 60 years of his life.

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